We provide numerous ways for our members to get involved in NREA, as well as several members-only benefits. The more we work together, the more we can benefit rural education throughout our nation.

Delegate Assembly

NREA members represent their various states as official delegates to the national convention. Delegates and alternate delegates from each state act upon policy matters, pass resolutions, and ratify recommendations on procedures, policies, and bylaws presented by the executive committee.

Liaison with Regional Educational Libraries

We coordinate many of our activities with the Regional Education Laboratories’ rural education program development specialists and coordinators, several of whom are NREA members. Many NREA members serve on regional rural education advisory panels, subcommittees, and task forces.

National Forum to Advance Rural Education (Annual Conference)

We encourage all members to participate in the NREA Annual Conference, which we hold in a different state each year. We invite members to provide workshops, seminars, research reports, and other major presentations. The convention includes:

  • the annual Research Symposium;
  • prominent national congressional representatives, state governors, chief state school officers, U.S. Department of Education officials; and
  • speakers from leading national businesses, corporations, and educational associations.

NREA Advocacy Coalition

The NREAC monitors federal legislation related to rural education. Learn more.

NREA Awards

The NREA provides a few key awards programs each year. Learn more.

NREA Foundation

The Foundation seeks grants, gifts, and bequests to help fund research, scholarships, and incentives in the field of rural education.

NREA Teams

NREA members may serve voluntarily on NREA teams. We select team members from the general membership.

NREA Weekly Update

Join our membership to receive this exclusive twice-weekly newsletter with the latest happening at NREA and in rural education across the nation. Members may also submit to be featured (subject to approval).

Participation on Federal Review Panels

NREA members frequently serve on national and federal education review panels, such as the following:

  • National secondary and elementary school recognition programs
  • Exemplary Chapter I programs
  • Review panels for federally funded programs
  • Department of Education-sponsored planning committee workshops, seminars, and national conferences

Peer Contacts

The NREA provides frequent opportunities for rural educators to communicate with each other through its journals and newsletters, regional and national meetings, and conventions. Through our national and international network, our members share common concerns, issues, and current practices in rural education—a valuable and worthwhile benefit linking you to numerous state, regional, and national entities working on a day-to-day basis for the interests of rural and small schools.

Regional and State Conferences

We keep NREA members informed of national, regional, and state rural education conferences. These include state meetings of the NREA State Affiliate Associations.

Rural Education Research Centers

NREA has established criteria for the identification and endorsement of National Rural Education Research Centers at universities and colleges and within other public and private agencies.