We’re proud to introduce the members of the NREAC.

Meet Our Legislative Members

  • Heather Zellers, Chair
  • Ray Patrick, Missouri Association of Rural Education
  • Vacant Seat

Consortium Members

  • National Rural Education Association (Parent Organization)
  • Kansas Center for Rural Education & Small Schools
  • Maine Rural Education
  • Tennessee Rural Education Association
  • Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance
  • Texas Rural Education Association
  • Missouri Association of Rural Education
  • Rural Schools Association of New York
  • Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association
  • Minnesota Rural Education Association
  • Rural School Advocates of Iowa
  • Association of Illinois Rural & Small Schools
  • California Small School Districts’ Association
  • Arizona Rural Schools Association
  • Montana Small Schools Alliance
  • Montana Rural Education Association
  • Indiana Small & Rural School Association
  • Arkansas Rural Education Association
  • Montana Rural Education Partnership
  • Alabama Rural Education Policy & Advocacy, University of West Alabama