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The Rural Educator

The Rural Educator is the official journal of the National Rural Education Association. Devon Brenner, Catharine Biddle, and Erin McHenry Sorber are the current co-editors. Contact the editors.

About the Journal

The Rural Educator is a peer-reviewed journal published three times per year. The journal aims to provide a greater understanding of the strengths and needs of rural education and to provide rural educators with resources that support their work. The Rural Educator publishes four types of articles. Research Articles are reports of empirical research that address problems of practice in rural education. Promising Practice Articles provide in-depth descriptions of educational practices that have shown promise to support teaching and learning in rural education. Reviews of Research synthesize and summarize existing research related to specific topics within one of the ten Research Priorities in the National Rural Education Association Research Agenda. Reviews of research should summarize, synthesize and identify gaps in the research as they relate to rural education contexts. In addition, the journal publishes Policy Briefs consisting updates on national and state policy of importance to rural educators written by the editors and/or invited guest columnists.  

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You can find a collection of early issues of the journal and other historic NREA publications at the Hathi Trust.