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National Rural Education Association


Joint Letter of Support

Dear NTCA and NREA Members:

Parents across the country are starting to receive information from schools about fall reopening plans, and more jurisdictions will follow in the coming days and weeks. In every case, we are asking administrators, teachers, and parents to choose from unprecedented options and based upon imperfect information. But, even with all of the lingering uncertainty, one thing is clear – regardless of how they handle in-person instruction, every school needs to be ready for the prospect of remote learning this fall as well. Please read the entire joint letter of support.

School reopening guidance and state plans

remote Learning

Remote COVID-19 Resources

  • Digital Technology
    • GetSetup For Remote Learning - Teachers shifting to remote learning are navigating a lot of challenges, including learning how to use tech. This resource, created in partnership between GetSetUp and The Learning Accelerator, offers educator-to-educator training on the tools they need to plan, connect, and provide instruction and support for students
    • Digital Equity Resources from Beth Holland - Beth wrote two reports for CoSN that might be helpful for your members. You could also let the group know about the EdWeb series she facilitated this year.
  • Leading Ed Partnerships
  • School Reopening Guidance and Information:
    • The Parabola Project - Ariadne Labs and The Learning Accelerator recently announced the launch of The Parabola Project, an initiative that aims to rapidly develop evidence-informed guidance and tools to help school system leaders consider options for school reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Parabola Project draws on expertise from both the education and health communities with the goal of minimizing health risks to students, staff, and teachers while maximizing learning for all students. Resources, which are available free of cost, include:
      1. School Reopening Readiness Guide: This evidence-informed guide is intended to assist district and school leaders in developing, evaluating, and executing operational plans for reopening schools, as well as in assessing readiness to implement these plans.
      2. Practitioner Toolkit: How to Build a Mask Culture: This resource aims to help educators consider how to best help students adjust to and sustain mask-wearing.
      3. Practitioner Toolkit: Learning Together In Socially Distanced Classrooms: This resource aims to help educators consider how to support small-group, collaborative, and one-to-one learning while physically distancing
  • Transcend - Three Jobs That Matter for School Communities Navigating a COVID World

Healthcare, Mental Health & Emotional Health

Regional Education Laboratories