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National Rural Education Association

Legislation & Updates

The NREA works hard to support rural schools throughout the country and to inform lawmakers of the devastating effects one-size-fits-all policies can have on our schools.

The National Rural Education Advocacy Coalition (NREAC) consists of state and national organizations concerned about educational opportunities for children in rural areas of the United States. The coalition encourages Congress to look at the unique needs of rural schools as it develops policies and passes laws.

Focus on Rural Schools and Funding
Every Student Succeeds Act
Education Technology
School Nutrition
Perkins CTE
Other Priorities
Education Investment Grows in 2020, but Is Still Almost $6 Billion Below 2011 Level in Inflation-Adjusted Terms

(Department of Education Discretionary Funding in Billions of Dollars)

Year ED Funding
2011 $68.3
2012 $68.1
2013 $65.7
2014 $67.3
2015 $67.1
2016 $68.3
2017 $66.9
2018 $70.9
2019 $70.8
2020 President $60.2
2020 House $75.9
2020 Senate Proposal $70.1
2020 Final $72.3

Committee for Educational Funding - 2017, 2019, and 2020 totals reflect recissions of Pell Grant funds