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National Rural Education Association

Convention & Research Symposium

Your professional development is a top priority at the NREA. Our annual convention and research symposium addresses the issues that affect today’s rural educators.

NREA Annual Convention

The annual convention takes place in the fall each year. Through this annual collaboration we pool ideas, share information, and provide the tools and resources you need to deliver the latest in learning opportunities to your home town.

2020 National Forum to Advance Rural Education

Our 2020 National Forum to Advance Rural Education will be November 4–6, 2020, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Be sure to save the date for our 112th NREA Convention and Research Symposium! We'll see you there!

    Awards and Programs

    We present several awards at this annual convention. You can learn more about the awards and programs offered by the NREA and our affiliates  and while you’re there, submit an application or make a nomination for any of these awards.