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Broadband Connectivity is Key to Successful Learning

The last two and a half years have made it clearer than ever that broadband connectivity is key to successful learning, whether learning takes place in the classroom, in the community, or at home. 

Rural Districts Should Use Stimulus Funds to Invest in High-Quality Curriculum

The infusion of federal stimulus funds from the American Rescue Plan gives rural districts a rare opportunity to make generational, systemic change to improve student learning outcomes—both immediately and in the years ahead.

The Key to Selling Your Skills After Graduation

Graduating from high school or college is an extremely exciting time that can lead to brand new experiences that can help foster your future in many different ways. However, it can also be nerve-wracking, particularly if you are anxious about your ability to find a decent job right after graduation.

Rural Education Blog by Niles Reddick

The problems in rural areas are varied and many---health care, employment, infrastructure, education, and more. The issues didn’t arrive overnight and will likely take major investment and generations to resolve. 

National Forum to Advance Rural Education - A Reflection, by Wade Owlett

I looked at my wife as we walked across the parking lot of Denver International Airport. It had started to snow and there was a chill in the air.

New Technology for Rural Schools

No excuses! How a rural district in Mississippi increased bandwidth, devices, and technology.

Culture Starts with You

A preview of the new book from author Bobby Moore, Ed.D.

Establishing a Culture of Literacy in Rural Schools

During the last twelve years I have spent six years as a rural principal and superintendent, and six years working for a not for profit or my own organization serving rural schools across the country. 

Vibrant Rurality and the Role of Education

I am struck by how often the expression “preserving the rural way of life” still remains a central point of contention when it comes to defining rurality and whether or not vibrant education, economic development, and workforce policies should be elements of that definition.

Reimagining Rural in Ohio: Graham’s Career Gears

A small, rural Ohio school district is turning community engagement norms on their head to pioneer a new vision of school transformation.