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National Rural Education Association

2021 Convention & Research Symposium

National Forum to Advance Rural Education - November 11-12, 2021 at JW Marriott, Indianapolis, IN

Raising Rural: A Fair Chance at a Good Life 

Over the past year, rural schools, educators, and communities have risen to the challenge of supporting our students and each other during the pandemic—oftentimes, thinking outside of the box to leverage new ideas, utilize existing strengths, share services, and protect everyone’s health and safety. This year’s event theme is Raising Rural: A Fair Chance for a Good Life, which will explore the following three questions:

1. How can rural living be more economically and environmentally sustainable? 2. How can rural learning be more relevant and valuable personally, locally, and globally? 3. How can rural places be more inclusive and less divisive when they address racial, ethnic, class, and gender equity issues?

By leading together, we can help communities innovate and leverage local assets to create meaningful learning experiences for rural students.

One Event—Two Ways to Attend

This year, the 2021 National Forum to Advance Rural Education is going hybrid, which means we will host an in-person event, and provide the option to attend virtually. A hybrid event allows attendees and presenters to select the format that works best for them.

Like always, the event is designed to create an environment for collaboration and innovation with a diverse community that includes, national experts, K–12 and higher education practitioners, leading researchers, policymakers, and philanthropic leaders.