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National Rural Education Association

Call for Presenters

Our call for presenters for the 2021 Convention & Research Symposium is now open from March 10 through April 9, 2021.

Submit a Proposal

Presenting Options

Just as attendees have two ways to participate in this year’s event, we are offering presenters the option to present in-person or virtually. In-person presentations will follow the typical event model of presenting onsite in Indianapolis during a designated time, and we will also ask presenters to pre-record and submit their sessions a few weeks ahead of time. 

We will require virtual-only presenters to pre-record their sessions and be available for online chat/community conversations at designated times during the event. All pre-recorded content will be available on our virtual learning platform.

Why Share?

By presenting at the 2021 National Forum to Advance Rural Education, presenters will have the opportunity to share their research, strategies, and ideas, and positively impact hundreds of rural education leaders and practitioners from across the country. 

  • Collaborate with experts in the field.
  • Presenters receive a $100 conference registration discount.
  • Receive recognition for and feedback about your practice or program.
  • Expand your professional learning opportunities.
  • Be part of a dynamic community committed to rural education.

We are seeking in-person and virtual presentations of the following types: 

20-Minute Research Symposium Sessions

These 20-minute sessions showcase leading research on rural education issues. Proposals for research presentations should be blinded and provide a summary of the research that addresses the following: background and relevance to rural education and the conference theme, purpose and research questions, method, findings (preliminary for proposal or finalized/approved for presentation), discussion of implications for rural education, and references. 

Research proposals will be peer-reviewed by members of the NREA research committee and selected based on reviewer scoring and recommendations. Authors of top-scoring research proposals will compete for the distinguished Howard A. Dawson Best Research Paper Award. Submitting authors of a small number of top-scoring research proposals will be invited to send the full paper to be read and judged by the awards subcommittee.

60-Minute Sessions

These sessions are intended to go into more depth around innovative or promising practices aligned with the event theme and guiding questions in a 60-minute format. The style of your session could range from an in-depth and interactive learning experience, to a panel discussion, to an informal conversation where audience participation is the main component.